The code is not yet publicly available for download. It will be available for download immediately after the first paper on AICCM is published.

If you want to the join the AICCM development team, please send an e-mail to Michael with a short description of the feature you want to implement and your programming experience.

Developers that already have access to our git repository can clone it with this command:

>>> git clone

There are two branches. You can get the list of all remote branches:

>>>git branch -a

The master branch should contain be almost stable and only tested features will be merged into it. The dev-0.X branch contains the current development branch.

If you just want to take a look at the development branch, you can check it out directly:

>>> git checkout origin/dev-0.2

But if you want to work on that branch, you will need to create a local tracking branch:

>>> git checkout -b dev-0.2 origin/dev-0.2

Please note that the basis sets are not inside the git repository. You will also need a basis set file in one of the formats that AICCM can handle to run a calculation. You can obtain them from any basis set database or by sending an the developers.

At a later stage basis sets will be packaged for convenient use and put on this on this page for download.

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